We wish you all a Merry Christmas. We wish this special moment of the year to be peaceful and happy in all your families....

    2016-12-25 alanhou

  • Fertilizer|Adblue|DEF|AUS32|Technical urea Price update

    Because the Severe Smog in North China and many urea plant were forced to cut back production or shut down Temporarily. The supply is very tight. The new price of Fertilizer urea/Adblue urea/DEF urea/Technical urea have rose US$5/MT today. The price have rose 10$ this week...

    2016-12-22 UNITEDCHEM

  • The cost to make Adblue By DEF urea

    About the cost of #Adblue: 350kg #PureUrea mixed with 675kg de-ionized water to made 1000 Litre of #Adblue/ #DieselExhaustFluid.About 2712.02564469 pounds pure urea mixed with 5633...

    2016-12-21 UNITED CHEM

  • About the urea plant Closed Temporarily

    Our urea plant and the cargo have disappeared those days and the highways closed as air pollution red alert continues, we can't supply Fertilizer/Technical/DEF/Adblue/AUS32 urea for you those days...

    2016-12-21 Admin

  • UnitedChem at CISF China 2016.

    UnitedChem at CISF China 2016.During Nov 03rd to Nov 06th, the 1th  was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. ...

    2016-12-17 alanhou

  • Notice on holidays

    According to the notice informed by the general office of the state council, please kindly be informed that our offices are off work for National Day. Here is the details :  National Day:  Our offices in are off work fromOct.1 to Oct.7. As exchanged with work days, we need work on Oct.8 to Oct.9....

    2016-09-29 UNITED CHEM

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