Notice on holidays

2016-09-29 13:20:58 UNITED CHEM

Dear Colleagues

  According to the notice informed by the general office of the state council, please kindly be informed that our offices are off work for National Day. Here is the details :

  National Day:

  Our offices in are off work fromOct.1 to Oct.7. As exchanged with work days, we need work on Oct.8 to Oct.9.

  1. Anyone needs leave on a holiday during those period, please fill the Leave Application by fantasia.

  2. ERP, CED, OSO and other departments, thanks to prepare your backup and help desk planning during the holiday period if needed.

  3. To ensure the company security during the holiday, please take measures on fireproofing and guard against theft. Please inspect and close all the doors, windows and office rooms, shut off the power supply, close the taps, lock the door and so on, elimination all hidden dangers if you are the last person leave the company.

  4. Please keep in touch during the holiday.

  5. Please pay attention to the personal safety, if you can’t return on time, please inform your manager to ask for leave.

  Wish you have a good holiday and thank you for your attention.


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