Urea 1000kg/bag

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Urea 1000kg/bag

Urea 1000kg/bag

Urea 1000kg packaging export.

Technical UREA is unsuitable for bulk transports as contaminations would endanger the purity and the final quality of the finished solutions.

Beside the commonly sold 1,000kg BigBags, UNITED CHEM offers also 850kg,500kg, 50kg and 20kg Bags to meet our customers requests.

If you need China urea, please contact us.
Why us?

1)We are one of the leading suppliers of China Urea on the market.Specializing in China urea production and export business more than 8 years and We can provide 30000MT Urea  per month at most.Our annual volume of urea export is up to 100,000 MTS.
2)Good Quality ,Competitive Price, Excellent Service, Our Urea  has been sold to Japan, Korea, USA, Australia, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey , Africa, and European with high quality and competitive price.
3)A huge amount of products been storage in our bonded house and port warehouse.We can supply high premium-quality Urea and ship our products to our customers on the shortest and most competitive way.
4)We have professional inspection terms who check the broken bag,caking cargo and loading container in warehouse at loading port.
5)Accept thrid party test. According the third-party test report before, our urea is better than ISO 22241-2-2006 standerd.

About us

UNITED CHEM is the trusted and top supplier of  UREA N46 coated/uncoated for Agricultural applications/ Technical /Industrial /DEF /Adblue /AUS32 /AUS40. Urea Procuring from UNITED CHEM guarantees the best quality! 



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