About Us

About Us

Qingdao United Chemical (UNITED CHEM for short) is a large company engaging in industrial investment, logistics, trading and distribution in the fields of fertilizer, coal chemical industry,petrochemical industry,biological medicine, chemical logistics, chemical distribution, and other sub-sectors international chemical business, with customers from over 50 countries and regions worldwide.

Adhering to the strategy of “Internationalization rooted in the native land”, under the strategic mission of “Grow UNITED CHEM business to be a world-class major force of its industry”, and centering around its core business, UNITED CHEM unswervingly expands upstream and downstream in its industry, wins over more domestic and overseas markets, and strengthens its organizing and service ability for resources and market of its core business, so as to grow to be an excellent company capable of creating innovative value for chemical industry with its technologies, brands and services.


By integrating business practice with social value, pursuing sustainable development, and attaching importance to environment protection, UNITED CHEM contributes to building a resources-saving and environment-friendly  

Making profit is not the only mission or responsibility of UNITED CHEM.

We believe that the corporate success is directly bound up with the social health, harmony and welfare; Sinochem International is committed to accepting responsibility for all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, communities, suppliers and natural environment.  

We strive to combine our routine business practice, operation and policies with basic social values to care for the disadvantaged, protect environment and facilitate the sustainable development of the society.We will take the company's managerial tenets of "sincerity, cooperation, learning, earnest, creation, excellence" and contribute to the economic development, social progress and make our life better. We will dedicate ourselves to social progess for both China and the world.

Our theme is "Beautify the world, benefit the people".

About us

UNITED CHEM is the trusted and top supplier of  UREA N46 coated/uncoated for Agricultural applications/ Technical /Industrial /DEF /Adblue /AUS32 /AUS40. Urea Procuring from UNITED CHEM guarantees the best quality! 



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DEF® is a registered trademark of Qingdao United Chemical Co.,Ltd. DEF® urea is produced under licence from Qingdao United Chemical Co.,Ltd